How to join the GRA

So you think you've got what it takes and would like to join us.

In the near future we will be accepting online submissions. In the meantime we're doing things the old fashion way.
This is how to apply:

Firstly click this link for a printable application form (PDF)
Complete the form and send it to . . .

Wynne B Jones, GRA, Membership Officer
Guild of Railway Artists
1 Parc Bychan
Clwyd. LL11 2TJ

Together with:

  1. 6 (min) - 8 (max) good quality colour photographs (approx 7" x 5") or black and white photos if your work is in mono.
  2. A stamped address envelope for their return.
  3. Biographical details.
  4. A cheque to the value of £25 made payable to: The Guild of Railway Artists.
    Overseas applicants see 'Notes For Overseas Applicant' (to the right on a large screen, below on smart phone).

If you have any questions, please email Wynne:

The Guild Council will review the photographs at their quarterly meetings and if in their judgement the application is likely to succeed, you will then be asked to present your original works of art at a time and place appropriate to the Guild Council where a final decision will be made. (overseas applicants see note below)

Council meetings are held at Warwick, Worcester or Devon.
The Membership Officer will inform you of such dates and times of these meetings.

If your application on the final stage is accepted you will be formally notified of the decision by the Chief Executive Officer.

It is requested that the photographs submitted be retained by the Guild on file as a sample of your works.

If your work is considered not to be of the standard required your photographs and cheque will be returned to you with an explantory note detailing the council's decision.

An Associate of the Guild shall be an artist whose work includes the depiction of any of the many facets of railways and whose standard of work is considered to be satisfactory in the opinion of the majority of the Guild Council.

An associate member has full use of the Guild's facilities and is invited to participate in any exhibition mounted by the Guild at the dicretion of the selection panel for the particular exhibition.