Mike Turner GRA

Painting of a train leaving Kings Cross for Grimsby in 1956.

Camden, Willesden, Cricklewood - areas of north west London famed for their busy steam locomotive sheds. This is where Mike Turner spent his childhood years and while unappreciative of his surroundings at the time, it did influence his later aspirations in becoming a freelance illustrator.
Graduation from art college came in 1970/71, leading to a career in graphic art, working for a small publishing company as a designer. Becoming disillusioned with lack of prospects he quit, bought a touring bicycle and headed for the Continent for several years.
The return to Britain gave Mike another short spell of design experience at Goya International before accepting a post with the Sunday Times as an illustrator. This was at a time when there was discontent with new working practices and so predictably he was made redundant.
Out of the maelstrom, Mike found himself in demand as a freelance illustrator. His work has featured in magazines, on fine-art prints, postcards and greeting cards.
Now living in Hastings, Mike Turner has gained a first-class reputation throughout the world for his classic paintings of the European rail network and also the British former Southern Railway system.

Cock O' The North

LNER P2 class 2-8-2 No.2001 'Cock o' the North' seen in 1934 leaving Paris on a test train during its visit to northern France.

The Inter City Age

Paddington Station depicted in 1977 with a new Inter City 125 (left), a Class 50 loco leaving with a west of England express and Class 31 light engine (right).

Thunder In The Hills

Clan class BR pacific loco No. 72004 'Clan MacDonald on Beattock Bank circa 1956.

Departing For Grimsby

Thompson B1 4-6-0 leaves Kings Cross on an express train to Grimsby in 1955.

Deltic Scotsman

Deltic diesel with a London to Edinburgh Flying Scotsman service in the early 60s.