Rob Rowland GRA

Carlisle Railway Station in 1956

Rob prefers not to analyse where his inspiration comes from but simply to accept that he has a need to express the feelings which accompany it; and the era of the Industrial Revolution despite all of its moral and economic ambiguities, man working more closely with the earthly elements, and the interweaving of nature and industry provide him with all the ingredients he needs. As Constable once remarked, 'painting is but another word for feeling'.
All that he ever wanted to do was to be an artist and he considered working in special effects, cinema poster art, and commercial art but chose to take up the opportunity to work in a picture restoration studio where the smell of oils, spirits, resins, juicy pigments and the presence of Victorian easels and paintings enriched his already fertile passion for art.
He went on to graduate from Gloucestershire College of Arts and Technology and a period as a freelance graphic designer followed before being employed in the art and design department of a National Brewery. It was there, while working on a number of themes to coincide with the GWR 150th anniversary, that he became besotted with representing railways in art. He became a member of the Guild in 1987 and has been painting professionally since 1990.


Barton Gates

Gloucester - The Cornishman at Barton Street Junction level crossing gates.

The Cornishman

Gloucester, Barton Street - The Cornishman headed by a Great Western Railway Castle class locomotive in 1963.

Late Summer

Warm summer afternoon by the Great Western Railway main line in Gloucester.

The Master Cutler

Weekday Cross Junction on the Great Central Railway in Nottingham.
A Gresley V2 2-6-2 heads The Master Cutler in 1959.

Night Shift

Great Central Railway crosses the canals of Nottingham.

Twilight Repose

Location unknown.

Weekday Cross Junction ~ Nottingham

Weekday Cross Junction on the Great Central Railway in Nottingham.
B1 4-6-0 passes with a freight train in 1962.

Windcutter Freight

Great Central Railway passing Weekday Cross Junction in Nottingham.