Morgan Lewis GRA

Gresley A4 Dominion of Canada

Morgan has focused on railway art because it provides great opportunities for producing dynamic and atmospheric work. He is a full member of the Guild of Railway Artists and examples of his pictures have been on display at most of the Guild's recent exhibitions.

As a lifelong railway enthusiast he has a good understanding of his subject and goes to great lengths to ensure technical accuracy. He is particularly attracted the poster style and other artwork that has impact. He currently works in oils.


City Of Truro

The picture is of preserved ex GWR city class 'City of Truro' at Cockwood with one of the excursions in that took place in May 2004 commemorating the engines unofficial record of exceeding 100 mph descending Wellington Bank on the 9th May 1904. Cockwood is a small tidal harbour on the River Exe Estuary. It lies on the former GWR main line just south of Exeter. Observers will notice the church at Starcross in the background.


Thompson B1 4-6-0 number 61323 arrives at Dalnaspidal station in 1949.
Opened 1863 by the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway, it closed in 1965.

East Coast Thoroughbred

This shows a broadside view of A3 pacific 2744 'Grand Parade' at speed, in LNER livery somewhere on the East Coast main line post April 1938. The locomotive was returned to service in April 1938 following a serious accident in a snowstorm at Castle-Cary on 10th December 1937. It is said that the replacement was virtually new but nevertheless it was rejected when allocated to her former Scottish shed, Haymarket, as the engine was regarded as unlucky. Regardless of this 2744 was a fine locomotive and ironically spent most of her final years in Scotland. In the painting the background and smoke have been given a looser definition in contrast to the engine in order to emphasise a feeling of speed.

Forth Bridge

Gresley A3 Pacific locomotive 'Grand Parade' crosses the Firth of Forth.

Night Owl at Cockwood

One of the nine impressive ex GWR 4700 class locomotives designed by Mr. G. J. Churchward for fitted freight work. As pictured here in BR days, they tended to be used mostly at night and hence the nickname 'Night Owls'. Unfortunately none were preserved but there are moves afoot to recreate one from a combination of new and donor parts.

Rio Grande Southern High Line

K27 class Mikado in the Fall of 1951 hauling a string of empty double deck stock cars on the Rio Grande Southern (RGS) High Line heading for Lizard Head, elevation 10,250 feet. It will return loaded with the sheep that have been grazing on the Summer pastures. The RGS was one of the 3 ft. narrow gauge railways built in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and was similar to the Durango & Silverton which is currently operated as a tourist line. The part of the RGS depicted is between Ophir and Lizard Head, and is of particular interest due to the difficult terrain and the need for many spectacular wooden trestle bridges.

Speyside Local

This shows Class D40 'Gordon Highlander' soon after being repainted in the beautiful Great North of Scotland livery with two elderly pre-group carriages in tow. The location is near Craigellachie where the railway line ran adjacent to the river Spey and a long siding.

Dominion Of Canada

This work is based on a famous photograph taken by the late Stan Garth at Harringay in 1937. It shows Gresley A4 pacific No.4489 'Dominion of Canada' speeding north with a streamlined Coronation train.
The LNER's Coronation was a two train service, the down service leaving Kings Cross at 4.00pm and the up leaving Edinburgh, Waverley at 4.30pm. They passed each other near Darlington. Number 4489 was used on the inaugural up train.
My thanks to Brian Stephenson of RAS Publishing for permission to use the photograph to create this painting.