Ian Docwra

Oxford Circus Underground Station

In his own words:
I was born in Kingston-upon-Thames in 1961. I lived in nearby New Malden for over 20 years, during which time my father's interest in railways 'infected' me, particularly the Southern. I studied art to O level at school, but, although very enjoyable, the subject did not seem to beckon me to further formal study at that time (the late 1970s). Only some years after leaving school did I start painting, initially using water colours. I found that I was using the medium almost undiluted, so decided to switch to oils after a short time, and have used them ever since. I amassed a collection of paintings and gradually built up a series of commissions from friends and work colleagues, mainly of transport, landscape and architectural subjects. This encouraged me to approach a small gallery regarding an exhibition, to which they agreed. The majority of works were sold, and I held a second exhibition at the same gallery a couple of years later. I joined London Transport for a managerial career in 1979.
I still undertake commissions, and intend to start producing more paintings after a fairly lean period over the last few years. I currently live in Epsom with my wife, who also frames my work!


Southern 4COR

SR 4-COR heads down the Portsmouth main line near Haslemere with a fast working in the early 1960s

Southern 6PAN

Southern 6 PAN EMU at Ashtead station (south of Epsom) in Surrey in 1959.

Coronation Scot

The famous Coronation Scot - LMS streamlined train seen in 1938.

Epsom Station

An RCTS special tour leaves Epsom, Surrey in October 1957 in miserable weather, headed by Drummond T9 No.30120 (now preserved).

Holland Afrika Line

SR rebuilt Merchant Navy no. 35023 'Holland-Afrika Line' rushes towards London at sunrise on the famous racing stretch between Basingstoke and Woking in the mid-1960s.

Oxford Circus Tube

A northbound Bakerloo line train arrives at Oxford Circus in the early 1980s, when the line still operated all the way to Watford Junction.

Vale of York

Gresley A4 pacific crosses the Vale Of York with an Edinburgh to Kings Cross express in the early 1960s.