Corina Stevens

Painting of Ropley Shed on the Mid Hants Railway

Although born in Chelmsford in the late 1960's, my parents soon relocated our family to Liphook in Hampshire. As a child we visited many steam railways and traction engine rallies.
During my school years I endured troubled times and took sanctuary in the art room. Most lunchtime breaks you could find me working on a project.
After leaving school my love of art grew and I went on to take an A level in art at adult evening classes, but after having my son the passion waned with family time taking priority.
A love of steam trains however never faltered, so when I was made redundant from my job as an Accountancy Technician I splashed out and did a 'Fire & Drive' day on the Watercress Line. With my enthusiasm growing stronger, I became a volunteer on the line. My initial volunteering experience was helping to restore freight wagons as a member of the Wagon Group, then after two years, I joined the Permanent Way Gang where I met my husband Adrian.
Working on the track out in the countryside gives me the opportunity to take photos of the locomotives in full steam. I love being out in all weathers... rain, shine and even snow! With volunteering on the MHR, working as an accounts manager and with my son now grown up, my passion to paint returned. I had never painted locomotives before but decided to give it a go. After a few mishaps... wonky wheels and flat chimneys etc., my artwork improved and I began painting watercolour subjects in monochrome utilising reference material from old black and white photos.

Hitching a Lift

Watercolour painting of an Antar transporter carrying 'Constantine' from the Longmoor Military Railway.

Steaming up at Ropley

Watercolour painting based on a colour photo taken on the Mid Hants Railway by David Trim.

The Silent Shed

Painting based on an old black and white taken in York roundhouse.

Steaming out of York

Watercolour painting from a reference photo taken at York Station.