David Charlesworth GRA

Painting of Chesterfield South railway station

Unlike many professional artists who turn to full-time art from teaching or other careers, David has always worked within the professional art and graphic arts industry. He was one of Britain's last Litho Artist apprentices in the days of the 'closed shop' and the Society of Lithographic Artists, Designers and Engravers.
He began drawing trains and aircraft before he was three years old, started painting with oils when eight and completed his first commission when only twelve! Born in 1954, he is one of the few professional artists of his years with almost 40 years continuous experience producing and selling paintings and illustrations for customers at home and abroad.

Batasia Loop

The Batasia Loop is a spiral railway created to ease the gradient on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. At this point, the track spirals around over itself through a tunnel and over a hilltop.

Chesterfield South

The Midland Railway station in Chesterfield with a Midland Railway 4-4-0 compound locomotive heading a south-bound local.

Class 20 Diesels

English Electric class 20 diesels.

LMS Duchess

Grosmont Station NYMR

British Railways standard class 4 4-6-0 leaves Grosmont Station on the North Yorkshire Moors railway.

Horns Bridge

Horns bridge on the Great Central Railway Chesterfield Loop. On the middle level, seen in this view, was the Midland main line and Brampton loop line. On the upper level was the Lancashire Derbyshire and East Coast Railway Lincoln line.


A B class locomotive on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway climbing through the streets of Kurseong half-way from Siliguri to Darjeeling.

Mallard at Retford

The famous locomotive seen in 1951 at a famous location.

Nottingham Victoria

The inside of Nottingham Victoria was cathedral-like. Closed and demolished in 1967, it had served the city for only 70 years. It's loss is still mourned today.

Sherwood Rise Tunnel

A Standard 9F, with a Windcutter freight, so called because of the incredibly efficient out-and-home runs by performed by the GC drivers, on these loose-couple coal trains. This entire area is now a housing estate.

Electra at Woodhead Tunnel

Dunford Bridge end of the Woodhead Tunnel.